Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wire mesh decorative balls

Hello everyone. I know I have been off lately as I was a little busy. {busy getting married ;) } so I wasn't getting much time for the crafts as I was settling down slowly.

But now I am back with some exciting new ideas and crafts.

Recently I had made some of these wonderful looking mesh balls in gold silver and bronze. They look great at any corner of your room. They add that extra zing to your party at home or just a decorative piece to enhance the beauty if your room.

I know the pics aren't that clear but I hope they give you some exciting ideas.

I have detailed the process as much as possible below :

Things required :
Corn Starch
Thick Thread or Wool
Couple of Round Big Sized Balloons
Fevicol/Elmer's or any Other White PVA Glue.
A paint brush(options)
Colors to paint the balls.

Steps to make the ball:

1. Blow your balloon into the size of the balls you want to make and hang them in your work area. Make sure you put some newspapers as it may dirty your floor.

2. Take a bowl and put 1 cup of corn starch and half of the same amount of Fevicol / Elmer's glue. Mix it into a paste. The paste should be a little watery but not runny. I hope you understand what I mean by that. If needed keep on adding corn starch till you get the right consistency.

3. Dip your thread/wool into the paste slowly little by little to avoid it from getting entangled.Once you have a good amount of thread soaked in the paste. Take it out and wrap it around the balloon you had hung in haphazard manner, leaving a round circular open space on the top of the balloon.

4. If you still feel that you can add some more thread for a more meshed look to the balloon. Go ahead and repeat the process until desired.

5. Leave it for almost 8-10 hrs to dry out. Blow out the balloon with a pin and remove it from the mesh. Now your mesh ball is ready to be painted.

6. Paint you Decorative balls any color you like and hang them around in any corner of your home. You can also hang them around some lights and use it as decorative chandeliers.

I hope you like it. Do message me with your craft pics once you've tried it out.